Skeletal System:

In the skeletal System we have one main function which is the:
  • Bones and Joints 

Radio active pollution affects bones and joints just not muscles. Scientifically there isn`t enough evidence to prove that it affects muscles. It does affect bone and joints. Problems our body encounters when we are exposed to radioactive pollution is swelling of bone joints, and bone cancer. When you get swelling of bone joints, you`ll feel it, it hurts, you will always get the sensation of discomfort, it doesn`t matter where the swelling is. Sometimes very long exposure to radioactive pollution, results in bone cancer, later on causing swelling of bone joints. If the affects are severe you will experince pain for life. It won`t go away with treatments, therapy or medication. It`s their for life. When you have Bone Cancer the cells in your body start to malfunction and they start to separate and divide. Once this takes place bone cancer will start to occur, depending on where the malfunction occurred. If you do have  bone cancer it can be treated depending on how far its spread, how aggressive it is etc. Few methods for treatment are surgery and Chemotherapy.


Chemotherapy: It is the use of chemical agents to treat different types of Cancer.