Central Nervous System: 

In the Central Nervous System (CNS)  there are two components in the CNS called the 
  • Brain
  • Spinal Cord

Noise pollution affects the Nervous System by creating loud noises which are not tolerable, this is even worse for young children because their organs are still weak and developing. It also causes our brain to think a lot more than it should, so unnecessary thinking all of the time. People who are affected by noise pollution are subjected to shorter attention spans, and sleep disorders such as Insomnia. An example of noise pollution, would be loud music ; loud music can cause a lot stress, which leads to personal strife. When a person is stressed, the person`s manners and behavior are attacked, so this person can become very aggressive, noise pollution if exposed to a high enough amount can cause suicide or even death. 


Insomnia: It is a sleeping disorder that makes it very hard to sleep, so you can be up all night, plus it generates unnecessary mental activity making it harder to sleep. 

Noise pollution and eyesight:


Noise pollution can affect us so many ways, which we never realize especially the eyes. Noises harm eye sights in many ways. According to experiments, when the loudness of noises is above 90db, man’s visual receptor cells' sensitivity decreases rapidly and the reaction time for faint light is lengthened. It also says that when the loudness reaches 95db, about 40% of people get mydriasis and blurred vision. When exposed to noises of 115db, most people have difficulty to react to lightness. So those who are in the environment of loud noises for a long time can easily get eye strain, eye pain, blurred vision, and tearing.  Noise pollution can also cause the abnormity in color vision and eye shot. Who would have imagined that Noise pollution can really affect your eyes in such terrifying ways. 


Mydriasis: It pulls the iris outward this occurs because of decrease in light.

Eye shot: It is another word for saying irritation to your eyes