Circulatory System: 


In the Circulatory System there are two components called the 
  • Heart
  • Blood

Radioactive pollution can harm / damage your circulatory system, if you don't know the effects of it. With radioactive pollution once it gets into your blood, you start to cough up blood. This isn't the same thing is as bleeding from the G.I. tract. ( gastrointestinal tract), the mouth or gums. Blood that comes up is all bubbly because its mixed with air and mucus. It is normally bright red, but sometimes can be a rusty in color. You can also get heart cancer. This is a rare type of cancer that develops in the tissues. From here it can spread to other parts of your body, causing more malfunctions and complications. Heart Cancer is also known as angiosarcoma and cardiac sarcoma. 


G.I. tract: It is a passage way from your mouth to your anus. This is can include mouth, throat etc.